Indians working in GCC countries are secure, happy : Survey

INTERESPGulfASA survey called ‘My Yellow Brick Road’ conducted by finance services firm Western Union Company, that covered Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, found that most Indians working in the GCC nations feel secure, happy, and fulfilled in their host countries, and enjoy comfortable lifestyles.

60 percent of the 147 NRIs who took part in the survey ranked safety as the main reason for their sense of belonging and integration; followed by 53.7 percent for the comfort offered by friendships and another 53.7 said they felt entirely at home, because they enjoy comfortable lifestyles. Over 40 percent of NRI respondents also felt ‘peace of mind’. Starting a family and being able to travel to new places were listed as other accomplishments.

Most respondents said their jobs complement the host country’s progress and development by the roles they play in creating integrated community lifestyles, building infrastructure, educating future generations and enabling the country to release its economic potential.