India’s first e-Court opens in Hyderabad

e-courtIndia’s first e-Court has opened at the High Court Judicature in Hyderabad, that is the common high court for the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Inaugurating the e-Court, the Supreme Court Justice Madan B Lokur said the two states are the first in the country to be chosen for the Integrated Criminal Justice System project.

He noted that the two states have made much progress in technology which was one of the reasons for the decision to launch the system that will integrate police stations with courts, jails, the prosecution, and the forensic science laboratories. Justice Lokur who heads the e-Committee said modalities will be finalised at a meeting later in July, and he is impressed with the e-Court that is fully computerized and also paperless. He himself spent time understanding the system and tried his hand at using the technology that he said is extremely user friendly.

He is intending to introduce it to the Supreme Court. He also exuded confidence that judges will be able to use it easily and he hopes there will be more e-Courts in the near future.

The purpose of e-Courts is to ensure speedy justice, and the need to appoint staff for the purpose is important and should be accelerated.