‘India’s greatest strength is its human resources’

Speaking at the inauguration of the Global Exhibition of Service, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for a change in the old mindset of brain drain and abandon the fear of losing manpower to countries and instead think of a brain gain, in order to make the most of the huge human resources available in India.

He said with 65% of India’s population below the age of 35, the country is only going to get younger and this wealth should be used to evolve a development model for which regional skills and talents need to be mapped to develop centres of excellence in each state in order to roll out a quality workforce.

‘India should look for deficiencies and requirements of other countries and work towards providing them which will be beneficial to India, as in the case of yoga and vegetarianism which is catching on around the world.’

Taking a jibe at government officials he said IT and yoga thrived only because there was no government interference. Also India should stop routing financial services through Mauritius, Singapore and Malaysia and tap the potential within the country.