India’s ice-hockey team raises funds by crowd funding !

A 25-member squad raised $32,112 from crowd-funders to enable India’s ice-hockey players to take part in this week’s International Ice Hockey Federation Challenge Cup.  The fund raising campaign involved social media and a website.

India’s ice hockey players have taken part in 6 international competitions since 2009, but struggled for funds each time. This time their travel, accommodations and food in Kuwait will be paid for by the crowd-funding.

Akshay Kumar, director of the Ice Hockey Association of India said the team raised the money in 10 days using a website and a Twitter hash tag.  Three business groups also chipped in.

Although ice hockey is relatively unknown in India the sport was introduced by the British in the hill town of Simla nearly a century ago, and today there are some 2,500 registered ice hockey players in India.