India’s Mobile user base touches 103.5 crore

mobile-phoneAccording to TRAI, India’s mobile user base grew to 1,035 million at the end of June, with telecom firm BSNL regaining a spot among the top 5 players.

With this, overall tele-density it increased 83.20 at May end, TRAI said.

TRAI said the wireless or mobile subscriber base increased by 0.19 percent to 1,035 million in June. Bharti Airtel led the growth tally with a net addition of 1.4 million new customers, taking its subscriber base to 255.73 million.

BSNL had the second highest addition of 1.4 million customers taking its total user base to 89.54 million. With this BSNL become the fifth largest mobile services company in the country. Aircel added 0.67 million new subscribers, taking its total customer base to 88.93 million. Vodaphone added 0.7 million customers taking its mobile customer base to 199.38 million. Ideas user base rose to 176.23 million.

The number of broadband subscribers increased to 159.80 million at the end of June. Of these 142.06 million were mobile users, while 17.16 million were wired subscribers and 0.54 million used fixed wireless such as WiFi, WiMax, Point-to-Point Radio and VSAT.