Indrani Mukerjea – the murder case that defies a C Grade TV soap

BACKinsdMumbai police have arrested Indrani Mukerjea, the wife of high-profile broadcast media executive Peter Mukerjea, for murdering her own sister – which now turns out was her illegitimate daughter by her first ‘husband’ – three years ago. The case would have remained unsolved but an informer tipped off the cops when he said he had information about the 2012 murder of Sheena Bora, 22, and could lead them to the victim’s body and her murderer.

Based on this information Khar cops picked up Mukerjea’s driver and grilled him and he confessed to having murdered Bora at Mukerjea’s behest, and dumping her body in the forest, where area police confirmed the remains of an unknown woman were found, but the skeletal remains were disposed of and no DNA samples taken. Police then arrested the driver and asked Indrani to present herself for questioning and after a 3-hour session they arrested her.

The driver and Indrani were produced in the Magistrate’s court and they have been booked for murder, kidnapping and destroying evidence and are in custody.

The most recent reports say there are more developments including that Peter Mukerjea’s son from an earlier marriage was dating Sheena Bora just before she was last seen alive in 2012 and Peter was not aware that Bora was in fact his wife’s daughter and not her sister. Indrani allegedly did not approve of Rahul’s relationship with Ms Bora, who incidentally was last seen alive in a car with Indrani, her driver and former husband Sanjeev Khanna who was arrested in Kolkata.

The updated police version says Bora was first strangled and her body kept overnight in a car parked in Peter’s garage and the next day taken to the forest where it was set on fire.

Police say Mikhail Bora, Indrani’s son believes his mother is guilty. She never encouraged her children to call her their mother. Peter said his wife had told him Ms Bora had gone to Los Angeles, and oddly no one in the family ever filed a missing complaint for Sheena Bora.

Mikhail says the property disagreement motive has nothing to do with the murder and he has threatened to tell police the exact reason his mother killed Sheena and he will do what is necessary if his mother does not confess to her crime.

The whole ghastly business is raising the curtain on more and more complications within the family. The death of the young Sheena is a crime and sad in itself, and one hopes the rife sensationalism will move into the background and permit the authorities to get on with the job, assuming that is what they intend and hope to do to the best of their talent, which by no means is lacking in expertise.