Infosys plans world’s largest clock tower in Mysore

meraInOSCTOWERIT giant Infosys announced that it plans to build the world’s largest free-standing clock tower at its campus in Mysore.

When ready next year the tower will stand 135m tall, dwarfing Old Joe in Birmingham, UK the current tallest clock tower that is 100m high, and Big Ben in London that is 96m high and is not free-standing.

Infosys that employs tens of thousands of people around the world, says it will aspire to be the biggest and best in the world, and according to Executive VP Ramadas Kamath, ‘clock towers symbolise perfection, discipline, and the way work is done’.

Infosys claims its corporate training campus in Mysore is the largest such facility on the planet, and when built, the new clock tower will have 19 storeys that will include meeting rooms, a visitor lounge, dining facilities, viewing galleries, and it will also be digital unlike its rivals.

Infosys also says the tower will be built in the Gothic style and designed to match the classical look of other buildings on the campus. The estimated cost is nearly $10 million.

It will be prefabricated in Tamil Nadu before being assembled in Mysore.