Intriguing wife-swapping case in Bengaluru !

After a casual meeting of two couples in the city, the husband of one woman began an affair with his friend's wife, and soon after when his friend found out, he approached his friend's wife and the two began having an affair as well. Both couples were aware of the other's affairs but the wife-swapping continued and life went on. The two families also went on trips abroad and everything was as they say smooth sailing, till unfortunately two years on into the wife swapping, one of the men died after a sudden heart attack. Now the situation has become complicated as the dead man's wife is pressuring his friend to marry her and leave his wife as they are now in love. The complicated coupling case was taken to court, but it was transferred from the authorities concerned to the women's helpline, which called in all three involved for counselling. The counselling institution says they cannot comment on why the couples did what they did, but they are trying hard to do something good for all.