Islamic State Twitter account managed by Bengaluru man

Indian officials say they are investigating media reports that a high-profile Twitter account used to promote the views of the militant group Islamic State is managed by a man based in Bengaluru. Britain's Channel 4 News reported that it had uncovered the identity of the person behind @Shamiwitness, which evolved into one of the biggest English language sources of pro-Islamic State propaganda. Bengaluru police confirmed the man Mehdi Masroor Biswas, an electrical engineer from Kolkata, who had been working at a multinational corporation by day and spreading Jihadi propaganda by night, was arrested. Police say he was not in direct contact with jihadis and had no role in recruitment, he was a self-radicalised person spreading jihadi propaganda through Twitter. Although he was in contact with English speaking IS men he was careful to hide his identity from them. There was no evidence to show any IS funding came his way. Mehdi moved to Bangalore in 2011. His father a retired employee of the West Bengal State Electricity Board said his son will never do this, and he will never believe this. Police say Mehdi has confessed that he was operating the Twitter account for the many years. Mehdi has been accused of waging war against the nation, waging war against a friendly nation and under sections of the IT Act.