IT is highest paying sector in India : Study

BACKithisalaryAccording to the Monster Salary Index (MSI) report, Information Technology employees get the highest pay in India with a median gross hourly salary of Rs.346.42, while those in the manufacturing sector are paid the least at Rs.254.04. Even so, only 57.4% of the IT sector are satisfied with their salary.

The BF-SI sector ranks second with a median salary of Rs.300.23.

The IT and BF-SI sectors have always been among the highly paid in India but surprisingly over 50% of the employees are least satisfied.

The report also found that foreign owned manufacturing companies pay nearly twice as much as Indian manufacturing firms pay their workers.

PM Modi said ‘in a scenario where salary becomes a key factor to attract and retain employees, it is important for companies to closely analyse the correlation between salaries and employee satisfaction.