Italian Marine accused of killing Indian fisherman to remain in Italy

INTERESitalianThe Supreme Court of India has permitted Italian marine Massimiliano Latorre, who was accused of killing two Indian fishermen in 2012, to remain in Italy until April 30 for medical treatment after he had heart surgery.

Latorre and fellow marine Salvatore Girone are facing murder charges. Both men are on bail pending trial.

The two marines were guarding an Italian tanker when they opened fire, killing two men of the Kerala coast. The marines said they mistook the fishermen for pirates.

India ruled out the possibility of a death penalty and of invoking the anti-piracy law to try the marines. Italy has always insisted the shooting took place in international waters, and the men should be tried in Italy.

Correspondents say the court’s order is likely to temporarily defuse any diplomatic tensions over Senator Nicola Latorre’s earlier statement that both men will not return to India.