Jailed Parliamentarian dragged gagged by Kolkata police

A day after ailing Rajya Sabha MP Kunal Ghosh tried to commit suicide in prison, while transferring him from one hospital to another, the police threw their berets at his face and shoved him down a stretcher, in an attempt to shut him up and keep him from speaking to the press. Reports say the suspended Trinamool MP and Saradha scam undertrial was desperately trying to say something that was a repetition of his earlier allegations against other Trinamool Congress leaders, calling for investigations against them as well. Reports say Ghosh was kept waiting inside a non-AC ambulance for 45 minutes and was banging on its doors and windows pleading to be let out. Instead policemen shouted back to drown out his voice. After the ambulance eventually left, police, many in civvies, swung their batons and chased reporters away. The police behaviour did not go down well with the public.