Japan to hire 40,000 engineers from India

INGENjappIndEngrsThe Japanese government is mass hiring thousands of engineers from India. They have also offered Japanese language programmes for the Indians.

Recently 10 officials from Japanese firm Silver Peak visited the Visvesvaraya Tech University (VTU) in Belgavi and other engineering colleges in parts of Karnataka to judge the skills of engineers and students. One representative from Japan said since several reputed engineering colleges are located in Bengaluru and parts of Karnataka they are keen on hiring engineers from there.

Reports say the only reason why Japan has showed interest in hiring engineers from Karnataka is the exceptional online question paper delivery system employed by the VTU that gives no chance for any leaks and is considered the safest system yet.

A memorandum of understanding has been signed between Japan and the University, and the Minister for Higher Education TB Jayachandra recently had a meeting on the mass hiring which will be done in stages, after which selected candidates will be given a year’s training in Japan and learning Japanese will be the main criteria for getting selected.

Additionally Japan will also start hiring 400,000 nurses from India to work for elderly people.