Kangana Ranaut accuses Hritik Roshan of blackmail

SHOWkanaganaActress Kangana Ranaut accused Hritik Roshan of blackmailing and threatening her by circulating her love poems and photographs, a day after her lawyers asked Mumbai police to instruct Roshan to stop sharing emails and other materials sent to him by the National film award winner.

Alluding to a romantic relationship she says she had with Roshan when they co-starred in the movie ‘Krish’ in 2013, Ranaut, 29, said she is not ashamed of her past or her affairs, and definitely not her desires.

Roshan, 42, denied that they dated and he sent a legal notice to Ranaut asking for an apology for using the term ‘silly exes’ to refer to him. He said Ranaut is milking a fictitious relationship to gain publicity. He also asked police to identify and prosecute an imposter who emailed Ranaut pretending to be him, but she insisted it was Roshan who communicated with her from a separate email to avoid detection when his marriage to Sussanne was strained. They divorced in 2014.

Finally Ranaut said she will not be scared by blackmails and threats as she is not ashamed of anything she has done whatsoever.