Karnataka Court criticises Dhoni’s magazine cover page picture

dhoniReferring to a complaint from social activist Jayakumar Hiremath, the Karnataka High Court was critical of India’s ex cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s picture on the cover of a business magazine that shows him as Lord Vishnu, holding several items in his hands, including a shoe.

The Court said a celebrity like Dhoni should know the consequences of hurting the religious sentiments of people and the consequences of doing so.

The Court also reprimanded celebrities signing up to pose for ads just for money without considering the sensitivities of the audience and the consequences.

The Advocate for Dhoni said his client had not taken any money and in response the justice directed Dhoni to file an affidavit declaring he had not taken money for appearing on the cover of the magazine.

A case has been registered and Dhoni has moved the High Court against a summons saying he must appear before the court.