Karnataka ex-MLA beats up wife in public

KumaraswamyFormer MLA from Mudigere, MP Kumaraswamy, assaulted his wife Savitha and beat her up in front of the police at the LH police outpost.

The estranged couple who lived separately since 6 months after an audio clip of the MLA’s relationship with a Hassan-based woman surfaced. Since then the couple have had differences and he started staying in the guest house on the premises of LH.

Days later Savitha came to take her husband home, and she took the police along with her.

Upon seeing his wife the former MLA tried to escape in his car, but Savitha rushed to the car and pulled out the keys. This irked him and he beat her. The police finally separated the couple and took them to the outpost where he beat her again. Savitha’s family then started to protest inside the outpost.

Savitha said she did not want to file a complaint against her husband saying they will sort out their differences. She just wanted to warn the woman from Hassan to keep away from her husband.

Kumarasway however refused to talk to his wife.