Karnataka ranks 4th in divorce cases


In 2014 Karnataka state lead in divorce petitions, following Kerala, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, as 16,690 couples separated. What’s more, at the start of 2015, 23,285 divorce petitions were pending in family courts.

One advocate practising in a family court said he represents some 25 divorce cases a day, as judges are unable to spend over six minutes on a case because of the large case load.

He says in most cases the reason for the split is a breakdown of compatibility within a few years, and now he is also seeing second marriages breaking down as well.

Besides adultery and impotency another reason for divorce is one partner coming out as a homosexual. This also indicates women are no longer willing to take any nonsense or make unreasonable adjustments.

The director of a mediation centre said between 2007 and 2015, in Bengaluru they were able to affect 20,307 reunions, and there has been no increase in divorce cases since then.

Decades ago most disputes were resolved at home, but with the rise of the population of Bengaluru, that is now close to 1 crore, the city has not seen a rise in divorces.

There has however been an increase in unconsummated marriages where counselling does not help, so divorce is recommended.