Keema, Papad, are now English words !

The recently released ninth edition of the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary has included over 240 words from Indian English, including the Indian words Keema and Papad, thereby reflecting the global popularity of Indian food. Patrick White of the Oxford University Press who leads a team of 20 editors and technicians said English is a global language and carries influences from all over the world. Indian food is popular all over the world, so they made these inclusions in the dictionary to reflect the global usage of words. Most of the new Indian English words come from Hindi and were selected based on the frequency of their use as assessed by world experts. Over the years some 1000 Indian words have found a place in the Oxford dictionary. The ninth edition has over 900 new words, 20 percent of which are from the world of online and social media activities, such as selfie, twitterati and so on.