Kerala businessman rams 4WD into security guard as punishment

Kerala businessman Muhammed Nisham was arrested for attacking a security guard who tried to run from him, and in a fit of rage he plowed his Hummer into the man and pinned him against a wall, then continued to beat him repeatedly, all because there was a delay in opening the gate to his apartment complex in Thrissur. The guard was rescued by other guards and residents and is now on life support in a local hospital. Nisham is the same man who made headlines in 2013 for letting his 9-year-old son drive his Ferrari in the residential complex. He has also had other run-ins with the law and there are some 7 cases pending against him in the state. Nisham is managing director of Tirunelveli based King Beedi Co. and apart from being a tobacco supplier he has hotel and jewellery businesses in the Middle East, and a collection of classic cars all of which have been seized by the police who also recovered a licensed gun from his home. The enforcement directorate and income tax department are now planning to look into the source of his lavish wealth.