‘Kiss of Love’ protesters arrested for running online sex racket

MERArahulRahul Pasupalan and his wife Reshmi R Nair, leaders of the ‘Kiss of Love’ protest organisation, are among eight people arrested in Kochi on charges of running an online sex racket involving minor children. Among the arrested was also Ali Akbar a notorious gangster who is allegedly involved in many sex-trafficking cases.

Reports say the couple was arrested after the police received a tip off that they were helping a group involved in supplying minor children to pedophiles.

The cyber cell of the state police filed an FIR after a Facebook page surfaced, that carried pictures of school girls.

‘Kiss Of Love’ was a 2014 protest against moral policing that started in Kerala and spread all over India including Delhi and Kolkata. Their campaign used kissing as a form of protest and was severely criticised by the Hindu right-wing parties including the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Shiv Sena, Hindu Sena, and others.