Lawmaker complains to Airline about unwanted VIP treatment

vivektankhaVivek Tankha, a Congress Rajya Sabha member who took a SpiceJet flight from Jabalpur has complained to the airline about the ‘extremely embarrassing’ VIP treatment he received on his flight to Delhi.

Upon landing in Delhi he wrote to the airline saying “we are living in a democracy where everyone is respected and important, and he was shocked at the unwelcome privileges many of his colleagues take for granted”. He added that after he and another parliamentarian boarded a transit bus, the doors were abruptly shut to other passengers and they were exclusively ferried. He feels that an MP is like any other passenger and should expect the same courtesy that is offered to other passengers.

MP Tankha said he found the excessive courtesy embarrassing and suggested that it be discontinued with immediate effect for all VIPs, except if some genuine or compelling security/health issues are involved.

In recent months resentment against VIP ‘culture’ in India has provoked protests and conversations on social media. Last year an Air India flight was delayed and passengers off-loaded to accommodate a union minister, in an example of “VIP culture”.