Lesbian daughter sent by NRI parents to Agra to be reformed !

INTERlesbA search has been launched for the daughter of US NRIs who went missing from the Dayalbagh Educational Institute (DEI) in Agra. The girl age 19 was allegedly sent to the institution by her parents to be ‘reformed’ and obtain Indian values after they discovered she was a lesbian.

The father a researcher in the US sent the girl to the university that is known for its strict discipline and moral values.

The girl who was against being sent to India fled the university on September 10 and police have launched a massive search for her. Meanwhile the parents have filed a complaint with the Agra police saying their daughter has been kidnapped and her passport and green card are being misused. Police have filed a case of kidnapping and are trying to trace the missing student.

Police are also keeping a close tab on movements at airports as the girl’s parents expressed the fear she could have gone to another country, or that she has had some sort of misfortune.