Lift of visa ban on PM Modi – US Court wants to see documents

INTERmodiA US federal judge has ordered the State Department to produce documents related to the Obama administration’s decision to lift a ban on Indian PM Narendra Modi’s entry to the US.

PM Modi’s previously issued tourist visa was revoked in 2005 over his alleged role in the 2002 Gujarat riots when he was chief minister of the state. However since his election as Prime Minister in 2014, Mr Modi has visited the US twice.

Modi was the only person ever denied a US visa under the US law on religious freedom, but after his election as PM, the ban was revoked as heads of government or state are exempt from the law.

In August last year the Sikhs for Justice group SFJ had filed a request demanding the release of seven key categories of documents relating to the decisions by the Bush and Obama administrations to facilitate Modi’s entry into the US.