Madhya Pradesh Minister kicks beggar boy

THESEkmehdeleMadhya Pradesh minister Kusum Mehdele was captured on camera kicking a boy in public when he asked her for a rupee. The video went viral and the public were outraged and demanded she be sacked.

The incident happened at a bus stand near district headquarters where the Minister had gone to participate in a cleanliness drive, to mark the state’s foundation day.

Witnesses say as Mehdele was going to her car after the programme the boy age 10 approached her and begged for one rupee and bowed his head towards her feet. The enraged minister lashed out with her foot, hitting the boy on his head. The incident created a sensation but no one interfered till officials dragged the boy away.

The opposition Congress demanded the Minister be removed from her position, and the defensive BJP declined to comment at this juncture.

Minister Mehdele has already been at the centre of a controversy for her insensitive remarks on farmers’ suicides.