Maharashtra school principal arrested for sexual exploitation of girls

Jacob DasPolice have arrested the Yavatmal Public School principal Jacob Das under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POSCO) Act. Protests also continued against the Yavatmal Public School run by the Darda family in Yavatmal.

Two teachers of the school were also arrested after some parents alleged that their daughters were being sexually abused by them. Large scale protests erupted in the city and thousands of protesters marched to the collector’s office demanding action against the school authorities too. They alleged that the management had tried to brush under the carpet the activities of the two teachers.

The BJP MLA Madan Yerawa promised the agitated crowd that he would do everything to help the parents get justice, and he promised to provide a prominent lawyer to fight their case in a fast-tack court.

The school has been mired in controversy for many years due to allegations of land grabbing by the Darda Educational Trust that runs it. This case is currently in the Supreme Court.