Maharashtra’s nude artists’ models finally get raises

ljar9fckThe Maharashtra government has announced an almost three-fold raise in the amount paid to models who pose draped, nude, or semi nude, for students of fine arts colleges.

Fine arts students have sessions to draw live models as part of their curriculum. Some sessions last for six hours and models are harder to find as nobody was willing to work for the pittance they were paid.

The models who were paid Rs.300 for a full-day session will now be paid Rs.1,000.  Semi-nude models will get Rs.600 per day as against Rs.250. Draped models will earn Rs.400, which is twice what they were paid earlier.

Maharashtra has some dozen fine arts colleges in Mumbai, Nagpur and Aurangabad, and over 150 colleges that offer diploma courses.

The new pay rates will be applied from this academic session.