Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson lives in charitable old people’s home

MERAkrgandhi1The 17 year old boy Kanubhai Ramdas Gandhi who was once captured on camera with his grandfather Mahatma Gandhi is now 87. He was Bapu’s third son’s Ramdas’ son and lived in the US with his 85 year old wife Dr Shiva Laxmi before they moved back to India in 2014.

He once studied at MIT and worked with NASA and now lives in a home for the old and homeless on the outskirts of Delhi with over 100 inmates at the Guru Vishram Vridh Ashram, where the couple share a single room that is normally used as an ICU for other inmates.

Speaking of the good old days he says there are lots of memories. He used to sit in Bapu’s lap and pull his hair, but he’d still smile and wrap his arms around him. He said Bapu always wanted him to serve the people and spread happiness.

He said Gandhiji had such a great and pure personality that it’s obvious people use his name for politics.