Malaysian government to task NGOs to develop Indian community

NRINTERThe Malaysian government’s department of socio-
economic development of the Indian community (SEDIC)
is to disburse funds aimed at the development of the
Malaysian Indian community through non-governmental
organisations and training institutions and not
through individuals or political parties.

The decision follows a leadership tussle within the
Malaysian Indian Congress, the country’s largest
ethnic India party, between G Palanivel the former
party president of the Malaysian Indian Congress and
S Subramaniam the acting president.

Among the areas identified for funding are the
development of Tamil schools, ID cards for
undocumented Indians, university admissions and
promoting Indian participation in the public sector.

The proposals will be screened before they are
approved by the Prime Minister.

Ethnic Indians comprise over 7 percent of Malaysia’s
total population of some 30 million.