Male Rhinos gore female Rhino for refusing sex !

rhinoA female rhino was gored to death by two bull rhinos in Jaldapara National Park, after she rebuffed their sexual overtures.

The female had lost her calf a few days earlier and was wandering alone in the Kodalbasti CC Line of the Park, when she was spotted by two bull rhinos who attempted to court her.

When she spurned their advances the two males then began fighting over her and sustained minor injuries.

Then, inexplicably, the bulls abandoned their duel and together approached the female. When she continued to avoid them the angry males began attacking her with their horns and continued till the female began bleeding and tried to take cover.

Forest guards who noticed the attack attempted to break up the trio by firing shots into the air, but the males persisted in their cruel onslaught for 3 hours. Grievously wounded the female could no longer stand and the bulls continued to kick her as she lay on the ground. Some time later she had a heart attack and died.

The males continued to stand their ground beside her dead body and it wasn’t until the next morning that the guards were able to recover the female’s body and conduct a post mortem.