Mamata Banerjee's vulgar speech shocks W Bengal

At a public rally in Jalpaiguri recently, CM Mamata Banerjee reportedly used crass language replete with expletives and accompanied by gestures that were downright vulgar. Madam Mamata who was upset with the CPM for approaching PM Narendra Modi on the Saradha probe, unleashed profanities that artists, writers and academics said had embarrassed them and the state of Bengal. Her own party however was deafeningly silent on their leader's culpability at the public forum where she used rank bad language. Experts wonder whether the use of street lingo is an attempt to connect with those who attend the chief minister's rallies, and one academic said the audience clapping and appreciating such comments is the bigger concern, as it was not just the language; the gestures she made were also vulgar. One thespian said : This has to stop. This isn't politics any more. This isn't Bengal either.