Man sets wife on fire for demanding Rs.10 !

Rahul Mishra of Bithri Chainpur, Uttar Pradesh set his wife Savita on fire after she demanded Rs.10 ($0.15) for transportation to visit her relatives. Rahul poured kerosene on Savita and when she tried to escape by running towards the courtyard he threw a burning mattress at her and bolted the door from the outside, before he fled from the scene. Hearing her cries neighbours broke open the door and rushed her to a local hospital where her condition is said to be critical. Reports say Savita who married Rahul in July, was tortured by her in-laws regularly over her failure to bring sufficient dowry from her family. Authorities say on the complaint of the victim's family a case has been registered against the husband, his brother Gopal Mishra and the sister-in-law. Rahul has been arrested and sent to jail.