Man survived 23 cardiac arrests in 4 hours

HAPPhealthA chronic smoker who one day felt severe chest pain was rushed to a hospital where an ECG indicated a heart attack. He was transferred because the first hospital could not treat him because of continuous cardiac arrests. Consequently critical time was lost and his heart stopped beating and had to be revived multiple times.

Dr Anil Kumar R, the senior cardiologist at the Kochi hospital said they cleared the blockage by stenting, as a heart attack blocks blood flow to one part of the heart which continues beating.

Doctors then decided to slow the pace of life and the pumping was effected as the heart functions with 30% pumping, allowing the patient to eventually get better and go about his routine work.

The survivor said he has now stopped smoking and intends to make the most of the new lease of life that he was given.

Now 60 years old he walks every morning and follows a diet given him by the doctor. He says it wasn’t easy but he now feels more enthusiastic with every passing day. He even plays cricket with his 7-year-old grandson.