‘March for Justice’ to protest delays in court cases

BACKjusticeA country-wide ‘March for Justice’ led by a Mumbai trust ‘Forum for Fast Justice’ began after participants paid homage to Mahatma Gandhi at his memorial at Raj Ghat before embarking on a 35-day march that will see them criss-cross the country, with the aim to sensitise people about the need for time-bound disposal and reduction in the backlog of cases, saying it is crippling the justice delivery system.

The activists comprising social workers and lawyers will cover some 170 districts and major towns across 22 states. The march called ‘Nyay Yatra’ will conclude on March 4 at Jantar Mantar.

One former High Court Judge said such marches are needed as the decision makers are not taking any interest and the public is helpless about whom they should approach regarding the pressing issues. He said the Yatra should create public awareness and put pressure on the decision makers to do something positive.

The Yatra boarded four vehicles plastered with slogans and fitted with public announcement facilities as the activists plan to address corner rallies across the duration of the march, from the buses.

After the conclusion of the march the Mumbai based trust will hold a 2-day Annual National Convention where it plans to pass a resolution enunciating its demands, copies of which will be mailed to the President, Prime Minister, Law Minister, all Supreme Court and High Court judges, MPs and Bar Council members, with an ultimatum to initiate a reform process or face a nation-wide Satyagraha based on Gandhian principles.