Media criticise threats against AIB comedy 'roast' vulgarity

Most of India's media criticised the threats and protests made against comedy group AIB's 'roast' saying the country's democratic structure has been undermined. The topic referred to AIB's show that invited Bollywood stars Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh to its comedy 'roast' that was filmed before an audience of thousands. The programme is based on the US type 'roasts' where celebrities are made fun of and insulted, all in good fun. The 3-part series received over 8 million views within days after it was uploaded on YouTube. However, right-wing groups and Twitter users objected to the jokes and content, after which AIB decided to take its series off YouTube, saying they did not want anyone hurt because of their show and that it wants to be part of an environment that supports expression without fear of persecution intimidation and annoyance. Most publications backed AIB's desire for creative freedom saying no one was forced to watch the show.