Minister Parrikar slammed over ‘teach a lesson’ jibe

parrikarAfter the backlash Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar faced for calling actor Aamir Khan’s comments ‘unpatriotic’, he clarified his statement, saying it was not meant to be about anyone in particular.

Speaking at a book launch in Pune, Parrikar said he was just saying that they should put pressure on, and verbally condemn people who speak against the nation, adding that he does not need to name any one person, as everyone can understand what is beneficial for the country.

Reports say it was an obvious rap on Aamir Khan’s knuckles when the minister said what he did, which was an arrogant statement and the online trading company that Khan is associated with was also taught a lesson.

Congress criticised the defence minister for digging up Khan’s “unpatriotic” comments from last November, and said this was a concerted BJP attempt to stifle dissent.