Model raped in Mumbai police station

A Mumbai model age 29, sent a text message to Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria alleging she had been raped inside a police station by cops who also extorted money and gold from her. She said she had fled the city fearing harassment.

Commissioner Maria called her to his office and after speaking to her, filed cases of rape, sexual harassment and extortion against two assistant police inspectors, a constable and three others.

The victim told Maria that she went to a 5-star hotel to audition for a film and when she came out a police vehicle pulled up and the men inside threatened to arrest her if she did not get in the vehicle. She was then taken to a police station in Sakinaka, Andheri and raped through the night. In the morning the officers demanded Rs.450,000 to let her go.

She called a friend who reportedly went to the station and paid the money.