Monkey showers devotees with cash

Monkey showers devotees with cash

A monkey showered devotees at a temple town in northern India with tens of thousands of rupees after snatching a woman’s bag.

The monkey swooped down on the 50-year-old, who was travelling with her family, and grabbed her bag at the Banke Bihari temple in Vrindavan town (July 18).

The monkey climbed up on a ledge, opened the bag, and moments later started flinging 500-rupee notes, worth nearly $8 each, into the air.

About 150 000 rupees ($2 360) were scattered by the monkey.

Many people including worshippers and street children rushed to collect what they could.
The woman, who was on a religious tour with her husband and daughters, retrieved only a small amount of the cash.

She did not lodge a police complaint as she thought there was little chance of recovering the money, considered a large amount to be carrying as cash in India.

Monkeys are a menace in many Hindu temple towns, snatching foodstuffs and other items, but are generally treated kindly as descendants of the monkey god Hanuman.