More teachers booked for cheating than students in UP

Involvement of teachers in abetment of cheating in the ongoing UP Board examinations is turning out to be a bigger challenge for authorities than students using unfair means. So far, the board has lodged police complaints against 111 centre superintendents and 178 invigilators for facilitating cheating across the state. Though number of students using unfair means has crossed the 1,400 mark, only 70 complaints have been lodged.

UP Board has also cancelled examinations at 54 centres, while 57 centres have been debarred. According to UP Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad (UPMSP) director A N Verma, 327 centre superintendents have been changed and complaints have been lodged against the management of four examination centres for facilitating mass copying. In a first, the UPMSP has, on the directions of deputy chief minister and secondary education minister Dinesh Sharma, decided to submit answer copies of seven examination centres (to be chosen randomly) for screening.

Teachers have been found abetting use of unfair means in several ways. Some were caught supplying chits with answers or dictating answers to students, while some were booked for helping students smuggle answer sheets out of the examination centre, getting answers written by a facilitator and smuggling copy back to the exam hall. Many were caught for turning blind-eye to students exchanging answer copies and copying from books and guides in the exam hall.