Mother ‘honour-kills’ pregnant teen daughter in Nagpur

honourkillingIn a case of ‘honour-killing’ Muktabai, 45, learned that her school dropout daughter age 19 who is unmarried, is having an affair with a boy and is 3 months pregnant.

She asked the girl to abort but she refused to do so, and fearing the pregnancy would harm the reputation of the family Muktabai decided to kill her so she strangled her with a dupatta at their house in Nagpur. She also tried to destroy the evidence by attempting to cremate the body with the support of family members.

Police say some people from the locality informed them that the girl died under suspicious circumstances and police, led by female Sub-Inspector S Kutemate, visited the crime spot and suspected foul play.

The body was sent for an autopsy that found the girl was pregnant and died of strangulation. They interrogated the family and Muktabai broke down and confessed that she killed the girl.