Mother-in-law says NRI son-in-law killed in self-defence

BhaskarShettyIn an extraordinary tell-all, Sumathi Shetty the mother of Rajeshwari Shetty bared all the facts and said her daughter and grandson may have killed Saudi-based businessman Bhaskar Shetty in an act of self-defence.

Sumathi, 70, said an investigation into the murder is ongoing, and she also said in an interview by a local TV channel, that various reasons may have led to the murder of her second son-in-law. She explained Rajeshwari was estranged from her 4 sisters after a property dispute related to Hotel Durga International in Udupi.

Bhaskar the husband of the older daughter had started the hotel in partnership with Rajeshwari, but after a misunderstanding they separated and Rajeshwari cut off all ties with the family. Sumathi said she lives in Bengaluru and was not aware of the developments.

Sumathi said Bhaskar’s father the late Sheenappa Shetty was involved in black magic and observed many religious rituals at his home. He used to make Rajeshwari wear wet clothes after a bath thrice a day, and made her conduct puja in font of homa kunda every day. She said all was not well with Rajeshwari’s in-laws, and they used to harass her and other daughters-in-law at home. He also suspected his wife of having an affair with his son.

Sumathi suspected, as all 7 superstores in Saudi Arabia are managed by Bhaskar’s relatives, they could have plotted to eliminate him and acquire his property.

She alleged that the Udupi police are probing only one angle and have not questioned Bhaskar’s mother and relatives so far.