Mumbai cop arrested for molestation / extorting money from couple

CORRUPcawPrasad Dalvi, 28, has been arrested for molesting a 27-year-old woman and extorting money from her boyfriend also 27, who had gone to a Park for some privacy.

According to a police official when the couple began getting intimate Dalvi approached them and threatened to inform their parents and arrest them for indulging in vulgar acts unless they gave him money.

Dalvi also molested the woman and her boyfriend then raised an alarm. His shouts were heard by an assistant police inspector who was patrolling the area.

The couple and Dalvi were taken to the police station and Dalvi was arrested and a case registered against him.

Officials say Dalvi has been targeting couples at the Park for months even though he was warned twice, after he was caught harassing young couples in the park.