Mumbai girl sues coaching class for low exam score – and wins !

abhivyakti-vermaAbhivyakti Verma, a Science student had signed up for coaching in Math and Chemistry at a tutoring centre in 2013. The Oxford Tutors Academy was supposed to send tutors to her home, but for a month it failed to provide a Chemistry teacher, and the Math tutor was from a Hindi medium and unable to teach in English. The school was again approached and it then sent an IIT student to help solve a question paper bank.

This still left the student dissatisfied and stressed by the confusion, and consequently the girl failed to get even 60% in Physics-Chemistry-Maths

The girl’s mother Neena said the tutoring centre kept none of its promises to tutor her daughter who was completely confused and unprepared for the exams.

She then filed a case against Oxford Tutors Academy in 2015. The tutoring centre has now been slapped with a fine of Rs.364,000 by the consumer court. Earlier the judges directed the institution to refund the fee of Rs.54,000 and pay Rs.300,000 for mental harassment that the student and her family suffered, as well as Rs.10,000 for court expenses.