Muslim group collects Rs.50k to bail out Hindu prisoners

HAPPamitA group of Muslim men pooled in money to pay a fine of Rs.50,000 to secure the release of 15 Hindu prisoners languishing in the district jail for want of the funds. The prisoners were jailed for petty crimes such as ticket less travel.

Once the fine was paid the 15 men walked free, and the kind Muslims who paid for their release embraced and welcomed them to freedom with smiles and tears all round.

One of the Muslim men had also made arrangements for one man to travel back to his native village and gave him a small sum of spending money as well.

Haji Yasin Qureshi who led the group of saviours who collected the funds for the release of the men said ‘they believe that in helping others, Allah will bless them’. Another contributor said ‘This is our land too, Hindus are our brothers. We were born here, and will be buried here.

Noble emotions indeed, given the recent controversy over the alleged intolerance of the right-wing Hindu parties.