Muslim women beaten over beef rumours while cops watch

muslimWomenbeatenPolice watched as 2 women were kicked, slapped and abused by a mob led by cow vigilantes at a railway station in Madhya Pradesh. One of the spectators who did nothing to stop the attack at Mandsaur near Bhopal, shot a video of the attack.

The police were at the station to arrest the 2 Muslim women whom they say they were tipped off about. Even after the police had arrested the women they were assaulted by the crowd that had gathered.

In the video, the women are cornered by a crowd screaming “Gau matha ki Jai”. They are also slapped and punched by women in the mob, until one of the victims collapses.

The beating lasted for nearly half an hour before the police led them away. They say they recovered 30 kg of meat from the victims. The meat turned out to be buffalo meat, not beef, as the cops claimed.

The battered women have been charged because they did not have a permit to sell meat. However no action has been taken against the attackers or the police at the site.

Cow vigilantism has been in the headlines lately and has drawn political attention since there was national outrage over a video of 4 Dalit men being flogged, tied to an SUV, and paraded, for skinning a dead cow in Una, Gujarat, earlier this month.