Mystery donor pledges large sum for Gandhi statue in London

At a briefing in the House of Lords in London, the founder of the Gandhi Statue Memorial Trust, NRI economist Lord Meghnad Desai, said an Indian donor has offered a major portion of the funds required for the construction of Mahatma Gandhi's statue at Parliament Square in London. The statue will be the last one to be placed in Parliament Square and is being created using a process that dates back to the Greco-Romans and follows the same process as that of the famous Renaissance sculpture of David created by Donatello. Lord Meghnad said the donor is a good friend whose name will be revealed in due course and he confirmed they have received support from donors and pledges of money coming in through their website and his colleagues in the House. He declined to reveal the exact amount required but estimates say the project is to cost around 1 million pounds. He says the statue will be unveiled some time in 2015, and he is also planning to set up an archive called Gandhi House in London.