New Zealand Sikh breaks religious protocol to help injured child

NRINITIAsikhsHarman Singh 22, did not hesitate to break religious protocol and removed his turban to help a five-year-old child who was bleeding profusely after he was hit by a car on the way to school.

Singh said he wasn’t thinking about his turban, just that the boy needed something on his head because he was bleeding.

Gagan Dhillon who was on his way to work when the accident happened also stopped to help. He said being a Sikh himself people just don’t take off the turban but he then saw Singh had one hand underneath the boy’s head supporting it and his turban was stopping the bleeding.

Dhillon posted a photo of Singh and other people helping the injured child on Facebook and it has gone viral.

The child is now in stable condition and police have launched an investigation into the accident.