No closed door hearing for US NRI extremist

US federal judge Susan Cox had been asked by prosecutors to restrict access of the public and news media during the detention hearings for Indian American teenager Mohammed Hamzah Khan who is charged with attempting to go abroad to join the extremist group Islamic State. Prosecutors cited privacy concerns involving two minors connected to Khan's case but not charged with any wrong doing, but Cox said prosecutors had not met their burden to show that closing the proceedings would outweigh the 'value of openness' in the courts. The US Supreme Court has found that court proceedings should be closed only in rare circumstances. Khan was arrested Oct 4 at O'Hare International Airport when he tried to board a flight to Vienna with plans to connect to Turkey. A criminal complaint alleged he planned to meet a contact in Istanbul who would take him to Islamic State locations in Iraq or Syria. During hours of questioning at the airport, Khan told agents he expected his role would be some type of public service, a police force, humanitarian work, or a combat role. Khan has been detained since his arrest and Prosecutors have asked Cox to keep him confined pending trial as he poses a danger to the community, and is a flight risk.