Now a cleaning liquid from cow urine

The Holy Cow Foundation, a charity working to care for and protect the cows that freely roam India's streets, has developed a cleaning product with cow urine that is distilled and spiked with natural perfumes like pine oil to suppress the pungent odour. Anuradha Modi from the Foundation said she is working on a deal to get the company that supplies housekeeping items to government offices to use the product, known as Gaunyle. (The word gau is Hindi for cow). Ms Modi says the product has been tested in labs and it is better that the phenyl that is available in the market, which is full of chemicals. The product is the latest of a number of items made from bovine bodily waste, from soap to urine based medicines and even a soft drink labelled a healthy alternative to Coke and Pepsi. The revered status of the cow described in Hindu scriptures as the 'mother' of civilisation took on extra significance after PM Narendra Modi's Hindu nationalist party won the election victory last year. The party's election manifesto pledged to work to protect cows.