NRI arrested in Zimbabwe for rape not associated with cricket team

zimbabeThe Ministry of External Affairs has refuted media reports that claimed a member of the Indian cricket contingent was arrested for rape in Harare, Zimbabwe, and said that the man is in no way associated with the Indian cricket team.

India’s Ambassador to Zimbabwe, R. Masakaui, said this was an unfortunate incident and clarified that no cricketer is involved. They are seeking Counsellor access to the person, and the Indian Embassy is following up the case and will inform the Indian government of developments.

According to reports the person arrested is an Indian affiliate with one of the sponsors of the matches, who was arrested on allegations of raping a local woman. The accused has claimed innocence and has agreed to cooperate with the investigation and undergo DNA tests.

The Zimbabwe news agency had also reported the presence of the Indian ambassador at the Meikles Hotel, where the Indian cricket team is currently staying. It also said attempts were being made to broker an out of court settlement with the woman. Further details on the case are awaited.

The Indian team is currently on a tour to Zimbabwe for the T-20 series.