NRI attacked in apparent hate crime in New Jersey, USA

dtj2jq4jRohit Patel, 57, was attacked and left bleeding on the road in North Brunswick New Jersey.

His attacker Nyle Kilgore, beat him over the head and Patel sustained injuries including broken teeth, stitches on his mouth and forehead.

Reports say the attacker targeted Patel because he is Indian and there have been a number of recent bias attacks against men of Indian descent in the New Jersey area.

Patel’s son Dipen said his father was on his daily walk when he saw someone getting out of a car that stopped nearby.The attacker followed Patel for less than a minute before knocking him out with a blow to the head.

Police have taken Kilgore 24, into custody and charged him with bias intimidation and aggravated assault. He is now out on bail.

Mr Patel is now afraid to leave home as are many others in the local Indian community. Patel and his wife just moved to New Jersey from the UK and are now contemplating moving back.